Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vancouver 2010!

It's hard to believe we're 3 days away from the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics! The city is buzzing and I'm in HEAVEN! I love the crowds, the sea of red & white and the overwhelming excitement that's in the air. The most touching part is how it's bringing us all together.
Yesterday morning Chase & I woke up early and headed down with Amanda and Makena to watch the torch go by. We ran into the Laderoute's and Jordan. Together we all cheered and took pictures of this historic event! I felt the excitement growing as I watched the glowing flame. Then we headed over to the Langley Event Center to continue the fun!
Maybe it was just my hormones or the fact that ever since I had a baby I'm a total mush but I was overwhelmed by the experience. Chase wont ever remember this day in the same way I don't remember Expo 86. :) However, I'm so thankful my parents took us to Expo. I can now look back at the pictures and know I was apart of something great!!! I hope Chase feels that way too.
This week Chad starts working at CHP at the hockey games! I love hearing the excitement in Chad's voice when he talks about his part. I'm so proud of him! Plus, I secretly hope he gets to meet Sidney Crosby. I know that would make his year. HA! My dear friend Kristy and I are taking our little men into Vancouver on Thursday. We want to experience as much as we can! Stay tuned for pictures.
During these Olympics my goal is to love on as many people as I can. I want to show them how wonderful our great country is but also how much better these events are when you have Jesus in your life. It's joy on a whole other level! So get out there give directions to tourists, buy a Tim Horton's coffee for a volunteer or just assist someone that needs help. Oh and HAVE FUN!
See you at the Olympics!!!

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