Monday, July 23, 2012

Wakeham family vacation

I know these are all familiar faces. My MIL's side of the family usually gets together every other year for Christmas. Now with families growing and that time of year being so hectic we started a new tradition of getting together in the summer for a vacation. I love being with all of them! The cousins are all close in age and love being together. It's really special for me to watch. 

 We played with babies. Made pancakes. 

 Hung out at the lake.
 Zipped around on the rhino's.

 Celebrated Cohen's 3rd birthday!

Took the canoes out on the lake.

 We basically just did all the things families do when they're enjoying the simple cabin life. It was wonderful! I love all these cousin and I'm so thankful they have so much fun together. 

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