Thursday, June 20, 2013

Daddy's day!

I just love this picture of my handsome husband! We had a fun filled Father's day this year. I am truly grateful for this man. He works LONG days and then comes home and take the boys for bike rides or plays baseball in the backyard with them. Then it's upstairs for baths and story time. After that he will lay in bed with Chase and talk to him about his day. He lovingly strokes his hair and prays with him before he heads over to Cyrus's room to sing him a song and get one last snuggle in for the day. I know Chad's exhausted most days but he still finds time for me and everyone else he loves. He gives all the time. 

 I was up early to make him breakfast in bed. I'm not a coffee drinker and the last time I tried to make him coffee it looked like mud. So I quickly packed the boys up and grabbed him a Starbucks to make sure his day started off right. 
 We went to church and our Pastor spoke an incredible word over the men in our congregation. Check out to hear the full sermon. From church we headed over to my Uncle & Aunts for a BBQ and pool party. 

 Then that night we had the privilege of hosting Father's day for my FIL, brother in law and Chad. I love spending time with our families! 
 I had to post this picture of my niece and my boys. My FIL wanted a picture of all his grand babies. So we did a little photo shoot with the 3 of them. :) I think it turned out really well and Papa was thrilled! 
I hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day and were able to honor and celebrate the men in your life.

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