Friday, November 20, 2009

Modern Miracles

It's interesting to me how the word 'modern' is used all the time now. Modern nails, modern decor, modern parenting are just new ways of describing the everyday things that are apart of our world. I guess that's why I LOVED the term modern miracles when I heard it. I found myself lost in these 2 simple words. Whether you're religious or not at some point in your life you've had something happen to you that's unexplainable. Whether its adopting a child after years of heartache, or having a love you once lost come back to you or maybe its as simple as having someone buy you lunch when your bank account is empty...miracles! I experienced a small, minor miracle this week. The best part about it was my Jesus was taking care of the little details in my life. As women, we can get so wrapped up with details, fears, doubts the list goes on and on. However, He promised to be faithful in the little. In the past month, I've heard of many BIG miracles taking place all around me. It's exciting!! I want to be apart of these "modern miracles" because I want supernatural things to happen in my life in new ways everyday!


  1. So true! Thanks Trisha, for this post. It's a good reminder to see the wonderful things in life for what they really are - miracles!