Monday, November 2, 2009

The tale of the littlest dragon...

Little dragon had heard for years the enchanting tales of a sweet treasure that appeared on October 31st. For years he had been searching but would always come home disappointed but determined to continue this great adventure!
Something was different this year. The little dragon woke up with a great excitement to begin his hunt! Suddenly, the beautiful Princess lady bug appeared. She was bursting to tell the littlest dragon all she had seen. The treasure did exist!!!
Little dragon thanked Princess lady bug and quickly continued on his adventure. It was not long before he found his friends Bella ballerina and lovely rabbit. Little dragon was so excited to tell them that the treasure was out there. Lovely rabbit decided to join little dragon in search of the great treasure.
Lovely rabbit was quiet as they walked. Little dragon handed her a big red compass so they wouldn't get lost.
"Little dragon, I have to show you something" said lovely rabbit. The littlest dragon could not believe his eyes when she pulled out of her pocket a piece of the treasure. Lovely rabbit quickly told him that he had to find laughing lion. Laughing lion was the wisest and bravest lion in all the land. He would know where to find the treasure.
When little dragon finally found laughing lion he immediately saw the piece of treasure in his hand!
Laughing lion was so excited to see his friend. He had found the treasure already and told little dragon to head north towards the mountains. The littlest dragon was jumping up and down! After all these years of searching he would finally taste the sweet goodness.
So the littlest dragon headed North...
It was a long journey through the magical pumpkin patch...but wait what was that in the distance...could it be?
Yes! It was the treasure!! The laughing lion was right it was just where he said it would be!
The littlest dragon quickly gathered up his treasure. He had travelled far but with the help of his friends he had finally found what he had been looking for.
The End


  1. Trisha that is so cute! What a good story-teller you are :) The Littlest Dragon and his Friends are all so adorable!

  2. What a fun adventure the littlest Dragon had!

  3. That was the best blog post Trish! I was seriously grinning the whole time! We had a great time with you guys! And C was the cutest little Dragon!

  4. What a fabulous post and a great little story. I'm sure Chase will love to hear it as he grows...maybe it will be your new Oct 31st tradition!