Monday, August 23, 2010


This year I got to celebrate my birthday with my Mom, Dad, Trent & Brittany and Chad & I. It was such a treat for me and if you know our families story a small miracle. The evening was filled with unbelievable food, tasty vino and loads of laughter. My parents let me pick the restaurant. So of course I picked Boneta's in Gastown.
If you haven't been there hurray up and make a reso! :)
The poutine is a me!
I've been blessed with a lot of fabulous people in my life but when Trent married Brittany I gained an outstanding sister. She is so understanding, loving, hard working and joyful.
Love you B!
I love these guys!
A special thanks to my in laws for taking Chase. I felt so spoiled! Love you family...don't know what I'd do without yah.


  1. Love the picture of you with your birthday dessert! Simply beautiful! It looks like you had a magical night with your whole family & so happy for you that everyone could be part of it! xoox p.s. - After seeing the poutine, I'm making Jody take me there!! ;)

  2. Ps. Love the new look of the blog too, super cute!

    And I agree with Mo, that pic of you with your cake, it's a beauty!