Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My favorite tradition!

When Chad & I got married we decided we wanted to cut down a real tree every year for Christmas. This was our little family tradition. Now that Chase is apart of it makes it even more exciting! My heart was melting this year as we headed out to get our trees with our brothers. We all laughed and dreamt of the day we could do this with all our kids. Even though kids are still in the future for them, it brings a smile to my face thinking of what a special time that will be.
Trent found the perfect tree! ;)
Helping Daddy
Stacie wanted to show that Ty was matching her and accidentally popped his buttons open. I cracked up! It's the perfect picture of the 2 of them.

Ty's technique was priceless

Ta da!
The Russell's adorable little tree!
Chase had so much fun
Auntie B was showing Chase how old their Christmas tree is
The Bennett's tree 2010
So thankful for these timeless traditions! They are the memories I cherish in my heart.

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  1. How wonderful Trisha! What a fantastic tradition! Sadly we don't have the same one here in Australia, just not the same :( Merry Christmas! xx