Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Chad & I have had the massive privilege of witnessing our friends and family get married over the years! Every wedding has something that stays with us. A piece of the bride & grooms special day that will stick with us throughout the years. After we left Devan & Amy's wedding both Chad & I said it was an honor/privilege to be a guest at this wedding. I felt like I was watching a very sacred moment between a family through a frosted window. Here's why...
Devan & Amy met the Spring of 2010. They had known each other casually in high school but lost track of each other over the years. Their lives had taken them down separate journeys. Each path strengthening them and making them both stronger. When their paths crossed again last Spring a spark was awoken in them both. Then, when Amy introduced Devan to her daughter Emma a family was born. Devan, fell in love with this little girl and as they dated he became determined to marry Amy so that Emma would only ever know him as Daddy! *yep, I'm crying* Shortly after Emma turned 1 Devan and Amy got married!!! Here are some highlights from their day.

Devan gave Emma a necklace as a symbol to her of his love. Not a dry eye in the room!

I fell in love with Amy as soon as I met her! She's an amazing woman!!!
The Hull's are always a TON of fun but when Kris got his wife's Nana out there dancing I was loving every second of it. ;)
The cousins

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