Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lovely little ladies!

The 2nd week in January was filled with sugar and spice & everything nice for us! Two of my very dear friends welcomed baby girls into their families. I love this stage of life! From the announcement of pregnancy to the phone call that they're in's all so exciting!!!
Vince & Kristy welcomed beautiful Sierra Gonsalves on January 11th. Kristy has always been my friend who loved pink and anything that sparkles. ;) So I was over joyed to hear she was having a little girl!
4 days later the incredible Lundgren family welcomed Leksya! How beautiful does Melissa look just hours later? Melissa truly is my hero! After everything she's been through these last couple of weeks she's still thanking God for His faithfulness. She's an incredible woman that I admire greatly!
Chase thought Leks was really cute! I guess it's another option for him if things didn't workout with her big sister. ;) Love you Livy!!!
Thank you for letting us celebrate this milestone with you! We're so excited to be apart of your lives and to raise our wee ones together. We pray blessing & wisdom over you as you raise these sweet girls!

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