Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life lately

I know I haven't been very good at blogging lately. Spring has sprung in our house and I'm in the nesting stage of my pregnancy. So I've been using all my energy to check things off my to do list. I love this time of year for getting projects done. Let's face it as soon as the hot weather hits I'll be at the pool! ;)
We have a few home projects on the go right now. I decided to renovate Chase's bathroom. Next weekend we're hoping to finish the project so I'll post pictures then. A friend of ours is also working with Chad to finish our storage space and garage. I'm SO excited for more shelving space! We're also still working on the kids playroom. This project is not moving as quickly as I'd like it to but 1 thing at a time. ;)
3 weeks ago Chad & I began the adventure of potty training Chase. I had read the 3 day method and a lot of it made sense. So I decided to try it. I was thrilled with how well Chase responded to it all. If you haven't heard about this method and you're starting potty training I would highly recommend it! On the first day we had 2 accidents but by the evening he was starting to understand. By day 2 peeing in the potty was a breeze. It took us until day 4 to understand how to go #2 in the potty but we got there. These past few weeks have been wonderful and Chase loves his Thomas the train underwear! ;)
My cousin is getting married this weekend and Chad & Chase are both in the wedding party! We're excited to spend time with family and enjoy another wedding. I'll for sure blog about the wedding! :)
Baby #2 is 6 weeks away! I have a lot to do before then. I tend to procrastinate when it comes to baby stuff. I have started researching double strollers and I did wash some newborn clothes. That's it though. The baby room I'll work on after the baby is born. Since we don't know what we're having I'd rather wait to decorate. I did Chase's room neutral. This time I'd rather have it more specific to a boy or girl. I had my 8 months check up this week and baby is doing great! My doctor informed me that it's a good size baby as he was examining me. Eek! So I'll just be drinking water and cutting out the sweets for the next couple weeks. No more milkshakes and donuts for this Mama! ;)
I'm excited to meet this little one! Also overwhelmed with lots of emotions about having 2 kids and keeping life balanced. I'm just savoring my one on one time with Chase and trying to do some special things with just him. I love my little man so much.
I hope everyone is enjoy their spring break!


  1. renos/redecorating a few of my favorite things! however don't really like the in between stage ;)

    YaY for Chase, what a big boy!

    Enjoy the last few weeks of nesting!

  2. oh and check out this fun stroller:


  3. So great - gotta love that nesting stage! Can't believe it's only 6 weeks away!! OH MY GOODNESS!! Another little one :)

  4. Only 6 more weeks? Where did the time go? So exciting. Happy decorating!

  5. Everyone loves the Phil & Ted's in my world! And just enjoy the donuts, my friend. =) Hugs from one prego to another!