Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We're half way through January and I'm so excited for a new year! There is an expectancy for great things and new beginnings at this time of year and I love it. My husband is really into setting goals each year. I have never really joined in on this activity. However, this year he wore me down. ;) Most of my goals are pretty simple but they're dear to me. So readers...its your job to hold me accountable and help me stay on track. Lord knows I am not a very disciplined individual. Here goes:
1. Grow my prayer life
2. Hug my husband everyday
3. Speak life (constantly strive to encourage and build up)
4. Encourage 1 person each week
5. Teach Chase a bible verse each week
6. Travel!! (Especially Disneyland with Chase this year!)
7. Loose the last little bit of baby weight by April (ugh!)
8. Family dinners once a month with the Russell's/Bennett's
9. Blog more (it something I love!)
10. Dance!

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  1. Great list! All really good things to want more the encouragement one especially. What a great thing to be mindful of!