Friday, February 22, 2013

My heart is full.

In Vancouver our days are dreary and cold at this time of year but our hearts are full. Growing up, the biggest life lesson my Mama taught me was that LOVE never fails. I can hear her saying it over and over again and in my life it's proved to be very true. I know that people think that Valentine's Day has become such a "Hallmark" holiday and to some extent they're right. For me I'm thankful that for the Month of February I'm guaranteed a date with my husband and lots of hugs and kisses from my boys.  

 We had a fun little Valentine's breakfast with some of our friends. A few of the families could not make it which was too bad. The kids still had a blast decorating cookies and playing together.
 Don't worry Uncle Jordan & Uncle Jay your girls are in good hands. ;) - Chase

 On Valentines Day I had a fun little lunch date with these 2! Chase is so fun to just sit and talk to these days. I love discovering life through his eyes. He has such a massive heart and truly loves everyone he meets. Cyrus is equally entertaining as he goes about his day mimicking his older brother and trying to keep up. He is a goof ball and I'm thankful because he can fill our house with laughter in a matter of seconds. 
 Something new for me this year is being a school Mama. Haha, I know its only preschool and yes I'm probably being a bit of an over achiever. However, I love doing these things for my Chase. So yes, I made fruit sticks for his Valentines Day party. Below is Chase painting with some of his buddies. 
 Dancing lessons with our Supper Club! Such fun!! Bunch of twinkle toes in this bunch. love. Seriously don't know what I'd do without this man. I know it sounds really cheesy but he honestly does complete me and bring out the best in me! We have always had a ton of fun together. We just don't have the luxury of "dating" like we did before kids. Chad & I are both active/adventurous people so snow shoeing was right up our alley. The whole thing was breath taking and I loved just walking hand in hand with Chad under the stars. 

 The reality of our wonderful love weekend was we needed groceries so we headed down to the states. Woohoo for Trader Joe's! ;) 
I hope that you all felt loved on and had a wonderful day! 

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