Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For me

I have always had a fascination with photography. Chad & I took a course a couple years ago that gave us an introduction to what our camera can do. We have a Canon 40D and it's amazing! My frustration over the last couple years has been I don't get enough practice and I'm so limited in the technical knowledge. This past weekend I was asked to come and capture a wedding reception. I was thrilled to do it! The bride & groom had hired the great Melody Davis until 7:00. I'm hoping to shadow Melody and learn as much as I can.
I don't think this will ever become a business for me. However, the perfectionist in me wants to do my best. So that means I have to learn and absorb all I can.
The best part about taking pictures that night was it was something for me! An outlet to creatively express myself. I love the social aspect with the guest and catering to the bride & groom. It was amazing! The perfect reminder not to forget the things I love. I just started editing the pictures tonight. Here are some of my favorites so far...

Mr & Mrs
One of the most beautiful brides!

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