Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010!

Last Easter our wee family was in Palm Springs enjoy the pool, Easter brunch and a lot of R&R. This year Easter felt more like Christmas holidays with better weather. Our weekend was nonstop but I wouldn't change a thing! Every family has their Easter traditions. For us, my Mom made sugar cookies. I had to make sure I carried on this tradition for Chase! However, every morning since I made the cookies Chase wakes up and the first thing he requests is "cookie." I may have started the tradition to early! :)
On Saturday morning, we went to our church for the Easter blast. They had 26,000 Easter eggs for the hunt and 1,500 people came for the fun. It gave me goose bumps when I walked into the sanctuary and saw all those beautiful children and their parents. I was quickly moved beyond words as about 50 of them asked Jesus to be their saviour. Incredible!
After that we headed down to Ed & Aileen's dairy for an ice cream cone. I know, sugar overload for my son but it was a holiday. As soon as sunshine appears around here an alarm for ice cream goes off inside me. Of course Ed & Aileen's soft serve is like the Mercedes Benz of ice creams...we just had to have some!
Chase's 1st ice cream cone
He couldn't get enough
On Easter Sunday we went to church and then headed over to Mom's for Turkey dinner! Mom always does an amazing job of hosting. The table was so beautiful I had to sneak a picture.
Nana set up the "Great Easter Egg Hunt 2010." This is one of those things that makes me wish my Papa was still around. He would have loved to watch all his grandchildren having so much fun!
Steph & Aly racing to get some eggs
Chase was a pro at placing them 1 at a time into his bag
If you think Trent's happy here you should see him when he eats Brit's doughnut muffins!
I love this boy!
Matt, Trent & Jake looking for the last big chocolate bar...
Matt won!
Then on Easter Monday we headed down for Easter brunch with the Bennett's. The food was so yummy! It was great to catch up with everyone. While Ang, Stacie & I did some wedding planning, Dad, Mom & Chad took Chase to the park. One of Chase's favorite places to go!

The whole weekend was amazing! All the chocolate & bunnies is fun but being with family and celebrating Jesus dying for us is what it's truly about. I'm blessed and thankful!


  1. Hey! It is Karris. I just saw this and LOVED it. The pics are great and I love the part about the children accepting Christ. I LOVE Chase's Easter outift...what a stud :) I need those cookies sent to me in a FedEx! Thanks for sharing and so glad you guys had a great Easter.

  2. AH! Thanks for posting all of this sister! I felt like I was there with you! I love you and your family so much! Tim and I always tell eachother how much we miss you guys so much. We cherish your friendship so much! Hugs and Kisses to Chasey Chase! Love you T!