Saturday, March 20, 2010


This week my son woke up and decided to enter a new stage...the testing stage! I knew it was coming I guess I was just surprised at how obvious he is about seeing what Mommy will do. On Tuesday he took his drum stick and started hitting the window watching me the whole time with a smile on his face. So of course I got after him. Wednesday he took my make up brushes and mascara and ran them under the water in the bath tub. The whole time giggling and saying "Oh wow!" Again, he got in trouble. Thursday he would run into a room close the door and say "No Mom." Half the time I want to laugh out loud and the other half I want to scream!
He seems to have a lot more energy these days as well. All you experienced parents are probably all rolling your eyes saying "welcome to Toddler-land." Since I'm new at this I'm standing here with my hands on my cheeks, mouth open, wondering where my sweet boy went?
So, I've signed him up for a Toddler dance class. Hopefully that will help burn some energy! Plus, I'm getting down on his level and talking to him instead of just saying "no." When he does something really bad he gets a flick on the cheek. To all you experienced Mommy's...any words of advice? I would love to hear it!


  1. I think you are doing it all right! Its a fun stage ;) The flicking stopped working for Landon and so we had to switch to spanking or timeouts. Where are you putting him in a dance class? I have been trying to figure something out for Landon like that!

  2. Trisha, you are doing a fine job. No matter how "experienced" a parent you are, when your child challenges you it always tests your abilities.

    Stay creative, what works today may not tomorrow. Be consistent and choose you battles. Good for you getting to his level. Embrace his independance and praise him in all the great things he does.