Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chasing Perfection

I was out for coffee with some friends recently and we were discussing the wonderful world of blogs, Facebook & Pinterest. These fabulous tools give us access to EVERYTHING! I love it! With a simple search you're transported wherever your heart desires and given the tools to do it all.

When I first became a stay at home Mom I found myself bombarded with these super Mom's who made their own designer birthday cakes, spent hours couponing to save their families money, and are gourmet cooks! They design, craft, and paint. They grew their own vegetables, made curtains and restored furniture. I was over my head to say the least. I could sell a Spring collection to a team of Nordstroms buyers but icing cupcakes for my sons first birthday was a disaster that kept me up until 1:00 in the morning. I quickly learnt that I didn't have a lot of the same strengths as my super mama friends. To be honest my insecurities blew up and I felt like a major failure. I found I got out of balance because I was chasing perfection instead of living in thankfulness for who God made me!

I love all my super Mom friends! They have shown me the ropes and taught me how to be a good Mommy. I had no idea what I was doing when I had Chase. So without them I probably would have cried myself to sleep every night. I'm so thankful for all their talents because lets face it when I get invited over to their homes I know it's going to be amazing. :) However, I can't be a carbon copy of them. I need to be me! At this very moment 'me' has no make up on, crazy bed head and wrinkled clothes at 11 am. (See photo) My hope is that my blog/facebook would give you insight into who I really am and not the staged illusion of a perfect life. You'll see my silliness and flaws but hopefully the love and joy as well.
OK, my laundry piles are calling out to be folded. Oh, did I mention I live a REALLY glamours life too. ;) Love you all!


  1. T! I totally love this post and your honesty that comes through. All the things you talk about are things God has been speaking to me about and things discussed in the book I'm teaching on at WBD.
    You're an amazing wife, mommy & you and who God made you to be!


    1. Well said friend, well said! ps. Love the photo ;)

  2. such a great post! and i know exactly how you feel... except you are one of the fabulous mommy friends with tips & encouragement for me. you inspire. xo and i like your pic... i'm glad i'm not the only one like that at 11 am. :) xo

  3. Oh laundry has been sitting on my bedroom floor since last weekend, my floors have not been washed in...well weeks just turn into months around here...BUT my kids are happy and I figure when they leave for college I will have a cute little craft room to do all the things I love to do with all the spare time I have ;-).

    The idea of perfection is something we put on ourself, not something someone else expects from us. Its great to be good at things, it helps us feel good about ourselves. But using others talents to measure our success is recipe for disaster and dissatisfaction for sure!

    Great wisdom Trish...I think you are a super Mama!!!

  4. Love this post and love the late morning pic! You are an amazing mom and wife and an awesome friend. So thank ful for you and I have to say, you plan the perfect get togethers and parties! God has blessed you with some glorious gifts. Use the ones you have friend. Love Love Love ya!!