Monday, February 20, 2012

A fabulous weekend!

This past weekend was full of celebrations and friends. It was great! The weekend started off with a surprise party for my dear friend Jamie. I truly can't say it enough what a gift Jamie (and the rest of the MM's) are to me! Its effortless fun when we're together. :) Jamie turned 30 this month and one day in conversation with Kristin she mentioned she'd never had a surprise party. Of course we jumped on that. The night was full of appetizers, laughter and just some quality time with great friends!

Love you all!

Friends of ours decided to start a supper club last month. This month Chad & I hosted the event. The idea is brilliant! The host couple does the main meal and then the other couples are assigned side dishes, dessert, drinks ect. There are no kids. So it's just a night of uninterrupted adult conversation and yummy food. I'm such a foodie! So it's fun to try other peoples recipes and get inspired with other ideas for meals.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too! Happy Monday!

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